September 15, 2011

My line follower....

How to make a line follower?
What a big question coming in the mind of almost all UG students....
I have a solution for that …..
what basically a line follower has to do is to detect the line with the sensors
The sensors are mainly the optical transmitter and receivers.
They throw light at the surface and receive to detect if the light is fully reflected or absorbed by the surface
absorption means the surface below that sensor is black and reflection means that the surface below that surface is white.

Now let us go to the sensor side...
I have experimenter many sensors related to optical transmission and reception I would like to mention them in brief here
1)first I tried directly with the IR LED and Photo diode but the configuration didn't work perfectly according to my needs.

So I have to go for the other configuration
2)second one is just the enhanced version of first one I included an indicator LED to show whether the sensor is working or not and used a simple transistor as a switch configuration …

Here you can put a potentiometer in the base so that you can vary the sensitivity of the sensor , but we got perfect result with the help of steady values also so you can also try “Trial and error method”.

Many people recommend the sensor based on Photo Resistor(LDR) but I would say “don't go for it”..
and now one video speaks more than one post. 

Now you have all you need to start programming a micro controller to make decision and a good algorithm to keep following the line.....

you can go for programming and logic of line follower in my another post
enjoy “sensing” :)


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