September 26, 2011

Counter strike tips for spamming,peeking and money


Spamming is the art of shooting your opponents penetrating through walls,doors or any other thin textures without exposing yourself.
Here are some of the general tips that one should keep in mind :
1. Concept of Double-Textures : The art of avoiding being spammed IE. whenever you take cover behind a double or more texture you wont get spammed by small weapons.

2. Concept of Silencer of Colt : Not only hides your direction and position from your enemy, it also serves the purpose of letting you hear whether or not you are spamming correctly as it itself doesn't cause much sound.

3. Concept of Spamming with sounds : Try to follow the sounds and go for intelligent guesses of your enemy positions, before you start spamming. Also go for short bursts instead of spraying enabling you to follow the "aah" sound or the bullet hitting the head sound.

4. Spam mostly when you are waiting for backup or at the beginning of the round after taking necessary cover.

5. Try not to do spamming when there are lots of enemies in front of you and you are alone, because you would never have enough emmo to kill them all.

6. Powerful weapons like awp can kill enemy through 4 textures also,so just go through overviews of every map and enjoy spamming...........


Peeking is the art of cautiously popping out to check out for enemies generally from edges and corners of maps.It can broadly be classified into the following types :

1. Normal Peeking : You just strafe out the edge for a second and strafe back to cover.

2. Jiggle Peeking : You jump and strafe out the edge and strafe back mid-air to cover.

3. Crouch Peeking : 1. You crouch and move forward to peek slowly (generally to peek a higher ground).

4. You duck repeatedly to peek over a cover.

5. Jump Peeking : You jump repeatedly to peek over a cover (generally to peek higher than the crouch peek).

Money Distribution:-

1. Winning a round as CT always fetches you 3250 $ each irrespective of how you win the round--whether its a target save, whole opponent team elimination or defusing the bomb. However, as T if you win the round with the c4 blasting the team gets 3500 $ each.

2. Losing the first round fetches you 1400 $ and 500 $ (losing bonus) extra for every subsequent loss. But if your first lost round is after a win the counter starts from 1500 $. The maximum amount that you reach is 3500 $. Every bomb plant fetches each team member 800 $ (if at all they proceed to lose the round).

3. The losing bonus gets reset in either of the two ways. Firstly, if you win a round in-between. Secondly, if you save out ie. if you are not dead after losing the round. The one who saves out doesnt get the round money. However if the save out losing round is after a win, then the losing bonus doesnt get reset but the upper limit reduces to 3000 $.

4. There are two conditions where the save out doesnt count. Firstly, if you, as CT, die in the c4 blast. Secondly, if you, as T, manage to escape but the c4 gets defused.

5. Always type your balance in the freezetime before buying so that the team-leader can call whether or not to go for an eco. Also you can avoid going for a full buy when your rest of the team is broke and are probably going for an eco.

6. Always try to make your opponents save-out although aiming at reducing the no to as low as possible. When you yourself are going for a save-out keep in mind the financial condition of your team and also the gun that you are saving is really worth saving in the given situation.

7. If you have a balance of 10000 $ or above offer to buy guns fo your team-mates. Because of the fact that you can possess a max amount of 16000 $ consecutive wins wont be of much benefit. Rather buying guns for your team-mates would provide the scope of increasing the avg balance of the team.

8. If you are dropping guns for your team-mates, dont buy until you make sure that the person has no guns to drop, that you might prefer to play with. And always remember that ammo is non-tranferable.


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