September 26, 2011

How to build your first robot (wired)?

When you want to build a wired your first robot with least circuitry you can go for this option.
this can be your first mini project on school level or for first year college student.
all you need to have is two motors,two DPDT switch with hold in center (that is some times referred as "rocker switch") ,and a battery.

here is the switch which is preferred. 
you can get it from here

you are now ready to make your own robot that can go in all four directions...
connect the motors as directed here in figure and you are ready to "GO"

hope it is easy to implement it you can easily participate to locally held Robowars and Roborace events in which robots with wired connections are allowed...
if any question then feel free to leave a comment...

: )


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