April 09, 2012

Connect Proteus Virtual Serial Port with Windows Terminal . . .

To connect proteus virtual terminal with windows terminal first off remove vterm from your proteus design if you are using and replace it with compim DB-9 connector.

compim interfacing with microcontroller
Compim proteus

>>Connect Rx to Rx & Tx to Tx only. Don't make cross connection here.
>>If you want to just try it out then no need to create proteus circuit. Just connect one virtual terminal with                                  compim as shown in below figure.

compim connection
compim with terminal

>>Now open properties of compim. In it select physical port, physical baud rate & virtual baud rate.

>>Now get virtual serial port driver & install it in your system.
>>Then run this tool & create a virtal ports pair.

Virtual comport connector
virtual comport connector

>>Then open any terminal client. Open the paired port in virtual serial port driver.

>>That's it. Now your proteus Tx Rx & windows Tx Rx are cross connected.
>>If you have any doubts about this tutorial then feel free to comment.

Proteus virtual port driver
proteus virtual terminal
Download link : 

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