February 14, 2012

AVR Software UART (Proteus simulation)

What is software UART?

             Software UART is the method of creating serial asynchronous transmission and reception  pins on almost every pins of your avr microcontroller.

Why Software UART?

              Whenever you are in need of more UART pins than given on your microcontroller chip you can use software UART. You can configure every I/O pin as serial transmission and reception pin.

Demo of software UART:

          Here in this demo I have created one software UART on each i.e. on PORTA.1 , PORTB.1 , PORTC.1, and one hardware UART on PORTD.1

            when you run the demo code given below all three software uart and one hardware uart will start working as shown below.

I have used BASCOM for AVR to program my avr-8535 microcontroller.

Here is source code for AVR 8535 and simulation files of Proteus ISIS.


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