November 26, 2016

Starting with Python

Hi friends, I have recently tried my hands on the Python. When I was reading some blogs I come to know that lot of things can be done with Python especially for embedded systems.

So that I decided to learn python. Being an embedded firmware guy I have  never worked with it before and I am sure that many person would be like me. I hope that this guide will be helpful for the person who is having firmware or embedded system experience and now want to learn python.

First thing first,
Brace your self guys Python is coming.

Step 1) Get the proper IDE for development and testing of the scripts.
There are many tools available for the development you can have a comprehensive list from here.
I use Thonny it is simple and cool. (I just love it) You can download it from here.
Download and install it as a first step and you are almost done with the tools.
You need not to worry about any other things till now.

Step 2) Get familiar:
If you have already worked with ANY language you are fine, you just need to learn the basics of Python and some thing about the syntax. I would recommend you to read some tutorials from this website. Try studying the basics of syntax get familiar with Thonny.

Alright guys this is enough for one day. And remember this is your first day so no need to hurry up just make yourself familiar with the tools and syntax. 

We will do some cool stuff with python in next few posts.
That includes

  • File reading and writing
  • Adding different packages to python
  • Test to speech processing in python
  • Creating .mp3 file with python
  • Speech recognition in python
  • Playing Music files with python


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