December 05, 2012

Graphical programming including VHDL with code generation

Hello friends i was always fascinated about programming graphically so we don't need to write any code(that saves your lot energy, don't consider me lazy!!!!).

Here is the answer of

How to do VHDL programming graphically?

step1) Open NI- Multisim

step 2) go to place menu and select "New PLD Sub circuit"

step 3) then a PLD wizard will open select "Create empty PLD" and in subsequent steps select the name of circuit and operating voltage of the processor ( it has nothing to do with code generation but only useful for simulation in Multisim)

PLD wizard

step 4) click on the PLD setting Button

pld setting

step 5) you will be asked  for input, output and bi-directional pins in this menu


step 6) now make whatever circuit you want to make(time to  have fun!!!)...


step 7)  Click on PLD topology check

step 8) if there is no error in your topology you can export the VHDL code

step 9) finally your VHDL code is ready to be saved save it whenever you want  and have fun.

step 10)  Go to main circuit and build some circuit around your PLD to simulate

 Step 11) Don't forget to leave a comment here.....!!!!




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