September 07, 2012

Induction heating simulation

Hello friends this post is about "induction heating" project on which i was working in final year.
                  I have already post about PWM pulses generation and MOSFET triggering with microcontroller which are two important aspects I found out during my final year project.
                  Here is the Pwm scheme which i have used to generate pulses.

pwm pulses mosfet bridge induction heating
Triangular wave and two reference levels

  • First of all I generated a triangular wave (inside microcontroller) this is called Phase correct PWM in AVR microcontroller.

pwm pulses with guard band with microcontroller
Pwm pulses with guard band

  • Then I generated two levels with which I want to compare my triangular wave... which leads to the following type of pulses with guard band.
Gate pulse logic
  •  here is the logic which i used to generate gate pulse.

  • these pulses are then applied to MOSFET as discussed in this post via  opto-couplers to this bridge configuration
inverter bridge circuit
Inverter bridge

  • with inductor and capacitor series resonant circuit as  load I got this current output waveform from the load.
inverter with inductive and capacitive load
Current waveforms of inductor

Questions and suggestions are always welcomed in comment feel free to comment.


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