October 22, 2011

DAC by PWM (Proteus Design)

As i was reading a book "Embedded systems" by Rajkamal I found some thing interesting on Page 15 that was "DAC using PWM". Then I tried to implement it on my own as it was an interesting idea to generate Analog voltage from only one pin of micro controller.

so here is another post demonstrating the magic of AVR Atmega 8535.

Normally for DAC we have to use 8-pin and it is always good to use less pins.

Here we have to use only one pin to generate PWM and then Integrate the wave to make analog output.I have used an op-amp integrator(low-pass filter) .

I have used program made by me earlier that generates PWM according to potentiometer varied.
Just adding a next stage to it i gave that pwm pulse to an Op-amp based integrator.
Here is the rar file given which contains Proteus ISIS design file and source code to generate PWM in AVR atmega 8535.

The design is made for test purpose only to check the concepts, hardware is not built and tested  so enough care must be taken before converting this design file to actual hardware.

Hope the new concept is good for implementing.



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