July 30, 2011

Murphy's Laws for Electronics

Pattison's Law of Electronics:
If wires can be connected in two different ways, the first way blows the fuse.

Poulsen's Prophecy:
If anything is used to it's full potential, it will break.

Bitton's postulate on State-of-the-art Electronics:
If you understand it, it's obsolete.

Farrell's law of Newfangled Gadgetry:The most expensive component is the one that breaks.

Keyur's law:
In future Murphy's law will vanish Ohm's law.

Keyur's second law:
Protecting device will work in such way that it can have maximum damage to the original circuitry.

Beach's Law:
No two identical parts are alike.

Watson's Law:
The reliability of machinery is inversely proportional to the number and significance of any persons watching it.

keyur's shy circuital law:
Exactly at the time of demonstration circuit will malfunction.

Horner's five-thumb postulate:
Experience varies directly with equipment ruined.

The Principle Concerning Mulitfunctional Devices:
The fewer functions any device is required to perform, the more perfectly it can perform those functions.

 law of selective gravitation
A dropped tool will land where it can do the most damage. (Also known as the.)

Law of circuit marriage(Sanjiv Gupta):
Each individual circuit will work perfectly but after combining them to create a system there starts "Marriage Effect"

Any wire cut to length will be too short.

Whatever you try to prove 
   1)They will not listen to you.
   2)They will not consider it as to be considerable.
   3)If they agree to consider you find that it is already proven in other words by some great scientist.!!!!

  • Tolerances will accumulate unidirectionally toward maximum difficulty of recovery.
  • The availability of a component is inversely proportional to the need for that component.
  •  If a project requires n components, there will be n-1 units in stock
  • A motor will rotate in the wrong direction
  • If a circuit cannot fail, it will.
  • A self-starting oscillator won't.
  • Resistor colour code don't match with the  value measured by multimeter.
  • after 2 months of designing,2 days of making,2hours of debugging you come to find that the wire used for main power supply is discontinue.


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